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The Whole Avocado: Nutrition

Our Current Services include:

  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Naturopathic Doctor
  • Meal Planning 
  • Supplement Review
  • Medication and Supplement Review
  • Personal In-Home Chef/Baker 


Nutritional Therapy 
(With Sonia Funk, RNT)

Your life and your story are unlike anyone else's. Your needs, discomforts, dis-ease, your metabolism and your body are unique to you. For this reason, your consultation is also unique to you. Your story needs to be told so that Sonia can understand your discomforts, stressors, lifestyle, strengths, weaknesses and whatever ill-health you may have. Indeed, this is a bit of a process. Sonia will help you discover the imbalances and deficiencies that are underlying your physical complaints, present you with a range of options and solutions and she will then work with you on how and when to implement the recommendations. Sonia works this way because after 12 years experience she knows it is the only true way to make effective, tailored and carefully considered recommendations that will be effective for each individual's needs.

Initial Nutritional Consultation and Assessment 
3 consultations and support over a period of two months, the fees for the three consultations over the two months are $150/$125/$100 
Phone and email support in-between the consultations is included in the fee.

The fees for individuals under the age of 25 are less, $125/$75/$75

After the initial consultation and assessment clients usually move into a coaching format. This simply involves a regular consultation, every 4-6 weeks, for as long as you need the guidance and support. Most clients find this invaluable to keep them on track for a while, especially when life happens and they have to deal with life changes/events and not lose their progress. However, there is no obligation and no pressure, clients may determine how often they come for a 'check-in.'

The additional follow up/coaching consultations are $60.00, these appointments are usually 30-45 minutes.

Family Rates: The first two members of a family are regular price, after that each additional member of a family qualifies for a reduced fee, the amount depends on age and need. If there are more than 4 members then a monthly rate can be worked out, as well as a discount on supplements.


Meal Planning Consultation $75
(45 minute appointment) 

Any and all of your dietary needs and preferences will be accommodated and integrated into a beautiful customized menu plan, complete with recipes and a grocery list. Sonia can incorporate any specific restrictions, sensitivities or allergies, special diets such as the FOD map or a Candida diet, into your meal plan.


Supplement Review 
(30 minute appointment) 

This is an opportunity to bring all of your supplements and have Sonia assess if they are helping you or not, or if they may in fact be hurting you: Self-supplementation has it’s downfalls. Time and time again clients come into Sonia’s office with a bag full of supplements that they don’t usually need, conflict with each other, or are doubling up on nutrients and ‘over dosing’ on them. This creates symptoms that individuals usually do not know are related to taking the wrong supplements or too much of them. There is generally a large amount of money being wasted, especially when the supplements have been recommended by someone who is simply selling supplements and do not have any recognized training or certification.


Medication and Supplement Review $100
(30 minutes with two practitioners) 

This is to review everything you are taking to make sure there are no contraindications. To  ensure that you are not over supplementing (this has it’s dangers as well) and that there are no interactions between any natural therapies or supplements that you are pursuing and the medications or treatments prescribed by your medical doctor. This appointment would take place with both Sonia Funk, R.N.T. and Lisa Zaretzky Arnold Pharma D. These appointments are available at The Apothecary of Morden on Friday mornings


Naturopathic Doctor  

Dr. Andrew Bryk, ND will be joining us this spring. Fees and more info to be posted soon. Please contact Sonia for more details in the meantime.



With Andrew Bryk, ND Info and Fees to be posted soon.

*All rates and fees above are subject to GST*