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The Whole Avocado: workshops


Sonia's Workshops are self-reflective, healing and empowering.


These workshops are a fusion of Sonia's work, study and personal development over the last 10 years. Many of the exercises are practiced with expressed permission from the spiritual teachers she has had along the way. Ancient Healing Techniques, philosophies of Ayurveda, Holistic Nutrition, Physiology, Breath-work, and modern day Psychonuero-immunology (a relatively new field in Western Medicine) are all beautifully woven together and intertwined into a revelatory journey inward.

 In this series of workshops you are offered the tools and shown a map for the journey of learning how to create a space and the room to breathe inside yourself that is safe enough for you to feel what is true for you, and for your life. Once you find and learn how to create that place inside of you, it becomes possible to translate that safe space into your everyday reality, in your home, your body, your relationships and your career. 


"The person ... in the grip of old distress says things that are not pertinent, does things that don't work, fails to cope with the situation at hand, and endures terrible feelings that have nothing to do with the present." 
- Harvey Jackins


Workshop One


How to say No... and yes ;) 

personal boundaries, anxiety, self-love 

do you… take care of other people before you take care of yourself? are you overly anxious a lot and don't know why? …wish you could communicate your needs to others around you in a way that you feel heard? …feel tension somewhere in your body when you are in a confrontational situation? …experience undesirable physical symptoms during emotionally stressful times in your life? …see a less than desirable pattern in your relationships or career that keeps repeating?  

 OR - do you say No to everything?! ... thus keeping good and nourishing things out of your life as well?

'How to Say No' is day of active meditations, exercises and learning. It is based on ancient and current philosophies of healing, grounding and self-awareness. Both individual and group activities are part of the day. This workshop has an element of play and fun, creating a very relaxing atmosphere. It is designed to ground you in your body and help you become more consciously aware of your body, the feelings (and triggers) that your body holds - and your intuition.

Learning how to say No to the things that drain your energy and the things you know will probably hurt you or make you sick, can change your entire perspective on how you feel about yourself and your purpose in life.  Learning how to access, hear and understand the power of your body’s wisdom empowers you to take a solid stand on what you will and will not tolerate for yourself and for those you love. When you can feel on a deep level that you know how to identify and take care of your own needs and/or are confident enough to ask for what you need - your anxiety level drops through the floor.  Once you understand the correlation between how you feel about yourself and what you do to hurt or sabotage yourself, your own individual path to self-care starts to light up.

You will leave this workshop with a stronger sense of self, a little less anxiety, and a set of tools and a map to help you on the path of making choices and communicating with more awareness.  This in turn will help you towards creating a life that is in line with what you most truly and most deeply need and desire.

 *It is important to note that “How to say No” is a pre-requisite to the rest of the Safe Space series.


Workshop Two


The influence of Memory, Emotion and Culture 

There is a tremendous amount of stress, shame and neurosis around our food in our society.  Most of us endure it sub-consciously.

“FOOD” builds on the principles of “How to Say No” and moves them into the context of how we feed (or don't feed) our bodies.  We explore what is behind the decisions we make regarding what we do - and do not - choose to eat. Why do we indulge in foods that we know will hurt us? Why do we not eat what we know will nourish us? Why do we keep eating when we know we’re full? Why do we feel shame for choosing French Fries as our side in a restaurant? 

How much of this is real?  How much of it is influenced by the media and our social environment?  How much of it is influenced by how much we love, or don't love, ourselves?

When we expose the less conscious, often fear based external influences and internal motivations behind our choices, we begin to see how we can heal, clear or shift these things.   We can then let go of unproductive anxiety around these issues, thereby empowering ourselves to make more conscious, nourishing and shame-free choices around food.


“The power and control that we have, to choose a food, pick it up with our hands and then put it into our body, is enormous.   We all have our own unique stories that encourage these choices in one direction or another, consciously or sub-consciously.  This power - and these stories - should be treated with respect, patience, and nurturing.  They should not be sentenced to live by will power alone, for two months, with skinless chicken, steamed broccoli and a salad with no dressing. They should also not left alone inside of us, unprotected from our self-sabotager, shame and confusion, nothing good grows there."         ~ Sonia Funk

Workshop 3


Healing the Feminine (for women)  
A conversation with crazy girl


Now, no more smiling mid-crest fall,
no more managing un-manageables,
no more holding still in the hailstorm
now enter your watchwoman...
I’ll be your keeper for life, as your guardian
I’ll be your warrior of care, your first warden,
I’ll be your angel on call, I’ll be on demand.
The greatest honour of all, as your guardian.
~ Alanis Morissette

Designed to start bringing you back home, to your beautiful self and connection with all of life, this day is like a spa day for your heart and soul and will nourish you on all levels.  It will take you back to a more authentic relationship with your body, your femininity, your intuition and your connection with nature. You might even feel a little bit of love for yourself ;)

The workshop includes basic and practical nutrition and knowledge of your body's physiology and how to work with it instead of against it. The 'Fight or Flight' response in our body (which controls adrenaline and cortisol and can create anxiety that has no basis) and how it can hijack us emotionally and physically is also explained - understanding this aspect of our evolutionary biology is incredibly empowering. Centering and grounding meditations, mindfulness and exercises and personal boundaries of the Feminine will be explored.  How we truly feel about things, as opposed to how we are told we should feel about things is central to this day. Through a story or two that hold the maps and wisdom of feminine and masculine archetypes, we discuss and start creating our own personal maps, inward, to find what may be keeping us feeling so disconnected and isolated sometimes.  We will explore what our femininity means to us and how to regain the beautiful, soft and yet strong and powerful characteristics of who we truly are.

*Please Note that the first two workshops in this series are an absolute pre-requisite for ‘Healing the Feminine.’ It is important to have a foundation in the work before diving into the energy and journey of this particular workshop.



From 'When the Body says No' by Gabor Mate, MD:

"Trying to identify and to answer the question of stress.... is more likely to lead to health than ignoring the question." In healing, every bit of information, every piece of the truth, may be crucial. If a link exists between emotions and physiology, NOT to inform people of it will deprive them of a powerful tool."

"There is perhaps only so much energy the nervous system can expend pushing down powerful emotions that cry out for expression. At some point in particularly susceptible individuals, it seems reasonable to suppose, nerves may lose the ability to renew themselves...... Rage and anguish [often] exist underneath the veneer of niceness, no matter how sincerely a person mistakes the facade for her/his true self"

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D., author of "Women Who Run with the Wolves,":

"If we stay as survivors only without moving to thriving, we limit ourselves and cut our energy to ourselves and our power in the world to less than half."

“As long as a woman is forced into believing she is powerless and/or trained to not consciously register what she knows to be true, the feminine impulses and gifts of her psyche continue to be killed off" 

In 1986 AnneMarie Colbin wrote a book called “Food and Healing.”  In it she discussed one of the fatal errors of the medicine practiced in the West to today:

“The belief that physiological symptoms (headaches, fevers, acne, stomach aches, neck tension, and so on) are erroneous reactions of the body to normal stimuli…”

Think about that for second….

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