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The Whole Avocado: what on earth?!

Employee Wellness

What on Earth?!

An interactive series of wellness seminars, with Sonia Funk.

1. What on earth has happened to my food?!

The story of what has happened to our food supply matters more in understanding our health today than anything else. This story, when told properly, contains a collective answer for how and why we have become so sick and tired. It also contains the keys to becoming not sick and not tired.

In this seminar Sonia will help you throw out the confusing notion of “healthy” and “natural” food and make it is easier to get back to the basics of what food is. You will learn how to shut out the noise of all the nonsense nutrition studies and click bait on social media and how discern between a sales pitch for supplements and sound nutrition advice. Along the way you will gain memorable insight into the relationship between the food you eat and headaches/migraines, diabetes, cholesterol, anxiety/stress, the post-lunch dip and the 4 pm drop.

Highlights of this foundational seminar:

 *With some help from Sonia the audience will reconstruct the “race up super food mountain” to prove to themselves that there is no such thing as healthy food

*Lifting the veil of marketing and pointless nutrition studies via the concept of ‘parking lot science’ and ‘nutritionism’ you will realize that nutrition is not rocket science (and that’s the problem.)

*To further enlighten, Sonia will dive a bit deeper to explore the damage that the compartmentalization of our body systems and organs, and the specific nutrients they need, has done.


2. What on earth has happened to my mood?!

We are all sick and tired of being sick and tired. A Healthy body cannot be fully realized without a healthy mind, they are inextricably linked.

Two key components in this seminar are:

*An easy understanding the basic physiology of stress and anxiety and personally applicable knowledge of the Mind-Body Connection. This is necessary to clear the path to healing some of our common mood disorders, from mood swings to anxiety and depression.

*Understanding how your immune system affects your mood vice versa, how your digestive system affects your stress response and vice versa, how sugar and fats affect your mood, and so on.

The objective of this seminar is hope: hope created by knowing that this matter is not as complicated as you may believe and there are many angles and options that can help address these issues.

3. What on earth should I do?!

Tying it all together to bring some serenity back to your dinner table, and to your tired mind.

We delve into daily life in this seminar with:

*Some practical navigation back to feeling better, back to uncomplicated food, back to making health simpler and easier to understand, regain and maintain.

*Grocery shopping tips, food labels, resources, a recipe or two and some examples and samples.

*Insight towards navigating ‘natural therapies’ or ‘alternative medicine’ and all the supplements everyone seems to be selling (so that you can make more effective decisions and spend your hard earned money wisely)

Sonia has been teaching these seminars since 2007 when she lived in New York, they have evolved across many countries, cities and cultures.  The information and wisdom you will gain from them is meant to be timeless.  You will find no fad theories or diets here.