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The Whole Avocado: nutrition classes

Food Space - Nutrition Classes

Sonia's classes/seminars are for anyone that wants to know more about nutrition, the food they eat, and how it affects their daily lives, their emotions and mental state.  These classes are empowering.  They are full of common sense, wisdom and practical information and solutions for living a healthier, more balanced life.


Food Space: The Classes

The Biology of Anxiety

The physiological connection between stress and our bodies matters, almost more than anything else in this day and age. Our evolutionary 'fight or flight' system is out of date, it is creating havoc in our bodies and minds that is not our fault. This is a hot topic right now because it is very real and there are very real solutions... the term 'Adrenal Fatigue' is becoming more and more common and this class explains why. This is one of the major topics Sonia has covered recently on her visits with Dahlia on CJOB, people are looking for the reasons and they need answers. If anything defines the crux of Sonia's work, it is this topic and it's the one she loves to talk about the most!

What on earth has happened to my Food?!

 This class sets the tone for the series.  Sonia will take you through the history of our Food Supply and why, even with all of the advances of science, we are sicker than we were 50 years ago.  The class asks questions, inspires you, and gives you the foundation from which to make the most of the rest of the series.   You will come away from this class with a basic understanding of how your body responds and reacts to the foods you eat and to the stress in your day to day life.   The underlying causes of allergies, food sensitivities, digestive disturbances and some diseases are among the topics discussed in this class. 

What on earth has happened to my Mood?!

This class focuses on Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners - the culprits behind swings in our energy levels and our moods, headaches, neck tension, blood sugar issues, our nervous system (how it triggers our fight or flight response, causing sub-conscious stress in the body) and our immune systems. Knowing how these things affect every part of your life is key to keeping their influence to a minimum.

Fats: un-confuse me please...

This class is a client favorite… it includes all things you do and possibly do not :) want to know. No fatty acid is spared.  The simple and uncomplicated nature of this class will give you a comprehensive understanding of transfats, free radicals, hydrogenation, Omega 3 and 6, unsaturated vs. saturated fats and how they affect your physical and mental health.  You will learn how to apply this knowledge practically in your life, such as how to replace unhealthy fats that you may eat regularly with healthy alternatives. Immune System, Cholestorol and Blood Pressure issues are discussed and the butter/margarine debate is settled forever on a foundation of common sense.


My Body Knows 

This is for the keeners.  It is for those of you that some how 'know' that your thoughts, your emotions and your history all play a part in your physical well being and you'd really like to know more of the 'why.'  As someone who was always sick as a child, Sonia has been on a long and arduous journey to heal her long term problems and stop them from following her into her adult life.  Her pursuit of true health on all levels, physical, emotional and mental, has taken her down many different paths.  This class will provide you a truly well rounded perspective on this issue.   Bit and pieces of different healing traditions spanning the history of humanity and how we can use them and their perspectives to help shape healthier lives for ourselves in today's world. You will be given insight into perspectives of the mind/body and emotion/body connections of everything from current day Psychoneuroimmunology (a relatively new field in Western Medicine) to Ayurveda.


Sonia has been teaching these classes for years, they have evolved across many countries, cities and cultures.  The information and wisdom you will gain from them is meant to be timeless.  You will find no fad theories or diets here.

Dates and location will added to the Calendar as they come up.  


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