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The Whole Avocado: wellness

The Stress Response

Posted on November 12, 2017

The Stress Response: A case for strategic wellness initiatives in the workplace.

Are your employees calling in sick? OR, are they calling in stressed? Why should the difference matter to you? It should matter because in reality, even though they may feel ‘sick,’ many of your employees are most definitely calling in stressed more often than they are calling in sick. This is one of the many reasons that a strategic employee wellness program that is targeted and executed well can have such a positive impact on a company. Click on 'read more' below to get a snapshot from my learning and evolution as a consultant towards understanding the how and the why...

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"A large client of ours reached out to our firm in search for a Wellness Program they could implement in addition to their current benefits offering.  I put my trust in Sonia to present a comprehensive plan in which our client was impressed with.  Sonia's execution was well thought out, exceptional, and our client received positive feedback from its employees.  They continue to work with Sonia as they have seen value and improvement in employee morale.  Having Sonia's expertise and partnership as segment of our product offering is a valuable asset to our firm and our clients.”

Perry Vagianos B.Comm. (Honours) | Health Benefits Specialist
SV Benefits | Sigurdson Vagianos & Company


Absenteeism, Presenteeism, Stress Leave, Sick Leave... the costs are rising and they are not going to go down unless something is done about it. Click on 'read more' below to find out how our employee wellness programs are different...

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