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Timeline Workshop for Women coming up!
Details posted below

WORKSHOP for WOMEN: A Woman's Timeline
Part 1 "Body" (the physical)
Taking 5-6 registrants per workshop only. 

Tuesday, August 14 7:00 pm - 9:30ish
Saturday, August 18th 2:00pm - 5:30ish
Cost: $50 +GST (this is includes most supplies which I provide - you only bring a notebook/journal and pen)
Where: Pembina Hills Arts Council Building in Morden 

You can register by calling or emailing. 204.295.3321 or

The first workshop in this series is running twice because I am keeping the number of participants limited to 5 or 6 per workshop to ensure quality and individual attention. "Body" is revelatory work for you and your personal story so keeping the number of participants low is important.

1. Should you be interested in the other two workshops in the series, Part 1/Body is a pre-requisite.
2. Payment is due with registration to hold your spot.

In "Body" I walk you through your whole timeline, help you put the pieces together, help you start to see why things went the way they did, some of the ways you got to where you are and I create a context of self-compassion and hope as we do this. One of the goals is to come to a new understanding of what self-care truly is by the end. ...It's hard to describe this workshop entirely as the experience is very personal and individual in this particular workshop. (which is why the limited numbers) I would, however, be happy to answer any questions over the phone if you would like to give me a call about it before registering. 204.295.3321

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